Unique Publications website:

Blog post, Nobember 7 2012

The Unique Publications website is finally up and running. After five months of planning, building, despairing, deliberating, tweaking and testing, here it is.

No, it isn’t finished. It will never be finished; it will endlessly be added to, improved and refined. But is is functional, good enough for now, and live on-line. Welcome.

Thanks are due to Kevin Redpath of Redpath Productions for introducing me to Weebly’s templates and getting me going. Basically, the site has been put together using free build-it-yourself software, and much to my surprise, I have really enjoyed doing it.

One word of warning though, for anyone using Weebly’s free build-it-yourself software, and who also wants to sell things. Weebly’s tie-up with Google Checkout does not support any currencies other than US dollars. If you happen to be based anywhere other than the USA, there’s a problem.

So thanks are also due to Wolf Thandoy, who built the Panet Gong website for Daevid Allen (actually for Jonny Greene, who runs the Gong Appreciation Society from his office down the corridor from Unique Publications). It was Wolf who took on the task of integrating a £ sterling shopping cart, and who managed to help out with several other important issues whilst he was at it.

It was a good two weeks before he gave up on trying to adapt Google Checkout for the job, which just seemed to present one headache after another. Then he advised me to set up a Paypal account and, once that was in place, why not use Mal’s e-commerce? It’s so much simpler.

Once I’d done that, it all fell into place in a few days. As I write I am waiting for the ‘DNS propagation’ to be complete.

If you’re reading this then you’ve already found the site, so I won’t tell you about what’s on it. I will encourage you to bookmark this page however: the blog will be frequently up-dated with news items, including any major new developments with Unique Publications and the website, but also interesting things from Glastonbury and surrounding area – particularly, for the time being at least, the on-going saga of Hinkley Point and the proposal to build a vast new nuclear power station on the Somerset coast, next to the existing Hinkley Point A and B.