Rune Book front cover

Brief and accessible companion to the Anglo-Saxon runes
Artwork: Sheena Johnstone, Words: Bruce Garrard
32 pages A5, fully illustrated
First published 1991, new edition 2007 
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The Anglo-Saxon runes comprising the ‘Futhark’ are an ancient system of divination and an integral part of our national heritage. Each rune is a symbol for a basic spiritual truth and one of the fundamental forces of nature.

They were used for divination and magic by the Germanic tribes who inhabited a large area of north west Europe, and were brought to England by the early Anglo-Saxons. Bruce Garrard’s text for this book is based on intuitive responses to a reading – stanza by stanza – of the ‘Old English Rune Poem’, which is printed at the head of each page.

The whole, with Sheena Johnstone’s distinctive illustrations and a short piece of writing for each rune, seeks to illuminate the deeper truths behind the symbols – but without resort to pages and pages of learned esoteric text.

This is a fresh printing of a short book first published in 1991. Brief historical notes, and suggestions for laying out the runes for a reading, are also included.

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