Edited by Bruce Garrard and Lucy Lepchani. Published by Unique Publications for Earthweek 1990. Single issue, April 1990.

Earthweek Mag
Green magazine 1

Single issue April 1990
(Later reprinted as Glastonbury Green magazine)
Earth Day International – April 22nd 1990; The Greenhouse effect/Global warming – solar hot water systems from ‘Sheerwater Services’; ‘The Turning Point’ – the psychology of environmental awareness; Inspiration for the 1990s – interview with Elana of Glastonbury Earth Link; Celeb-ration – a golden cross brought from old Jerusalem and taken to Glastonbury Tor; Earth Day astrology; local Green Initiatives including: Paddington Farm Trust; One Earth Arts; Glastonbury Wholefood Co-op; direct action against supermarket packaging; Palo Cluseau with the bull Iah and the ram Aries; Ploughshares vegan café – Green Cuisine Made Real; Spirit of Con-servation on the Move; Unique Publications – 

recycled paper; Wells Constituency Green Party; Phoenix Wholefoods; Glastonbury & Street Friends of the Earth; Glastonbury Conservation Society; The Greening of Glastonbury Festival 1990.

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